Helping You Meet Your Recycling Targets

Green by Nature EPR manages and provides complete recovery and recycling services to help meet our clients’ printed paper and packaging diversion targets and obligations. We serve brand owners, manufacturers, stewards, importers, and stewardship agencies across Canada using an extensive network of infrastructure and the latest technology.

Our goal is to develop, operate and improve systems to recover printed paper and packaging, and ensure these materials are properly managed to achieve both legislated and non-legislated recycling targets. By working with us, you’re joining our commitment to environmental responsibility through the proper management of used printed paper and packaging.

Our Services

Our services cover the full chain of product end-of-life management in a coordinated recovery system. We collaborate with other leaders in recycling and recovery for service delivery.

Systems Evaluation and Improvement: We evaluate existing recovery and recycling programs with an eye for improving system performance.

Logistics: We transport materials from the point of collection to transfer stations, processing facilities and end markets.

Processing: We own, design and operate material recovery facilities (MRFs) to sort and separate discarded printed paper and packaging into high quality recovered commodities.

Marketing: We buy and market recovered fibre and other recyclable commodities, finding the highest value and best use for materials.
Plastics Recycling: We transform plastic packaging into reusable raw materials in downstream manufacturing.

Auditing and Reporting: We collect and provide data and information about the recovery system for our stakeholders.
Does your organization require any combination of the above services, or would you like to collaborate in the delivery of them? To join us in our mission to improve recovery and recycling systems across Canada, contact us today.

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If you’re striving to meet EPR program requirements or improve your organization’s sustainability efforts, Green by Nature EPR has the infrastructure and experience to help you do it in an efficient and economical way. To learn more, please contact us.