Pioneers in Materials Recovery and Recycling

Established by a group of industry leaders with extensive expertise in printed paper and packaging recovery, Green by Nature EPR is in a unique position to understand and assist organizations in fulfilling their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements. We do this through the consistent and coordinated delivery of sensible and innovative material recovery services, from transportation and processing, to marketing of recovered materials.

Responsibilities are increasing to improve recycling results across the country not only for consumers, but also producers and stewards of printed paper and packaging. We help brand owners, manufacturers, producers, and importers of printed paper and packaging understand, design and manage their printed paper and packaging recovery responsibilities.

Our expertise lies in increasing operational efficiencies in recycling and recovery systems, harmonizing recycling programs across jurisdictions, and developing the reporting systems that measure those programs. We also invest in innovative technologies and processes that enhance recycling capabilities to match the technological developments in printed paper and packaging design.

Our Mission

At Green by Nature EPR, our mission is to provide sensible and innovative recovery systems and end of life solutions for printed paper and packaging materials by partnering with industry stakeholders and sharing best practices while committing to continuous improvement.

Green by Nature EPR is a partnership between three pioneers in materials recovery and recycling in North America:

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If you’re striving to meet EPR program requirements or improve your organization’s sustainability efforts, Green by Nature EPR has the infrastructure and experience to help you do it in an efficient and economical way. To learn more, please contact us.