Green by Nature EPR is a national organization founded by a group of pioneers in materials recovery and recycling in Canada:

Cascades Recovery Inc.
Cascades Recovery Inc. is one of Canada’s largest collectors, processors and marketers of recyclable materials generated by the Commercial, Industrial, Graphic and Consumer sectors. Since 1978, Cascades Recovery Inc. has developed and provided recovery programs for discarded materials and today over 1.5 million tonnes of recyclable materials are processed and marketed through 19 material recovery facilities across Canada and the USA.

Cascades Recovery Inc. shares a unique partnership with Cascades Inc., a partnership founded on recovering materials that have exhausted their useful life and recycling these materials back into new products. Between the companies, printed paper and packaging are recovered, processed into new raw materials, which are then used to make new paper, packaging and products. With Cascades Inc., we are closing the loop.
At Cascades Recovery we care so much about printed paper and packaging; when you’re done with it we want it back. We are proud to be a part of the Green by Nature EPR team.

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Emterra Environmental
Founded in 1976, Emterra Environmental is a resource management company that provides recyclables collection, processing and marketing services, as well as yard waste, household organics, and solid waste collection and disposal services to municipalities and businesses across Canada and the USA. The company operates 21 recycling and waste diversion facilities throughout Canada and the US, including material recovery facilities in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Emterra Environmental is a division of Emterra Group. Other waste diversion and recycling services provided by Emterra Group include liquid waste-to-ethanol recovery and used tire recycling.

Emterra provides customized resource management solutions for municipalities and businesses looking to meet waste diversion targets, improve sustainability, and reduce waste management costs.

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Merlin Plastics
Established in 1987, Merlin Plastics has become a pioneer in plastic packaging recycling and remarketing, and is responsible for several plastic processing innovations and patents. Today, the company serves customers across Canada and the US, employs over 120 people, and has the capability to process 150 million pounds of beverage containers per year.

Merlin Plastics has helped leading companies and recycling associations turn used plastics and packaging into new, usable materials, which reduces consumption of virgin materials in manufacturing. This is just part of the company’s corporate commitment to providing environmental services to the plastics packaging industry in an environmentally sound, economically efficient and socially responsible fashion.

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